If you are looking to buy a best spo2 tester in india , we can help you choose the most affordable and effective solution for your needs. This article is dedicated to providing information about pulse oximeters for home.

We have a few of our top choices shown below for purchase. None of the information on our site is meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition, so if you have any technical questions or specific medical problems that require medical attention, please bring them up with your doctor, who is best qualified to help you with your questions.

A digital finger pulse oximeter is a simple device that can be used in a hospital or at home. best spo2 tester in india use are usually quite small, and they fit over the end of your finger.

They are commonly used on the finger is that they actually work by shining red and infrared light THROUGH your finger and recording the amount of light that is blocked on its trip through your flesh.

The reason this is helpful is because blood that is oxygenated absorbs light at a different wavelength than blood that is carrying no oxygen, so the two measurements can be taken together to give a percent of oxygenation.

This is helpful for people who have limited lung capacity or for those who suffer from certain kinds of heart problems, since both of these situations can lead to a dangerous lack of oxygen in the blood. For this reason, pulse oximeters for home use are often prescribed by doctors for heart patients.

To use the finger oximeter, you simply slide it on the end of your finger and turn it on. It shines the light through your fingernail, so it is best if you are not using fingernail polish, although most colors other than black will usually allow the device to get a fairly accurate reading.

You will want to follow the instructions that accompany your device, or the instructions provided by your doctor.

There are Many types of oximeters for sale that will work on other areas of your body, such as your earlobes, but for the purposes of this article, we are talking only about the type of best spo2 tester in india that we have described above.In this article we told about 5 best seller SPO2 Tester In India.


1- Dr Trust (USA) Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm and Respiratory Rate

best spo2 tester in india

The first list included Dr. The Trust has a high grade, pulse, respiration and SpO2 level measuring and water resistant oximeter. The Dr. Trust Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is best seller product and you will also get a digital thermometer absolutely free with this.

This device is Approved by the US FDA and Conformity. device is also very light weight and compact. Because of these it is very comfort to use.

This device comes with one pair of triple A batteries which is included in the package for the power of the device.

This device is ideal for any type of use in nature. Furthermore, the display used is omni-directional in nature. That is, you can move in any direction about the device and it will still work.

This Oximeter not only measure the SpO2 level of blood, but can also read the heart pulse rate of the body. The water-resistant feature of the product is also makes it ideal device not only for clumsy and normal individuals, but also for swimmers and other athletes.

Additionally , This device also measure the respiratory rate of humans. With this measurement we can understand a person’s lungs how much healthy they are.

Whenever the battery is low or when the saturation level is off according to the standards, the alarm provides support. There is a lanyard necklace that comes with the package. Thus one can wear it around the neck and move freely.

This product comes with 6 month manufacturer warranty for any product related problems .

2- Dr Trust (Usa) Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm

best spo2 tester in india

This is the 2nd device in our List of best spo2 tester in india. Dr Trust (USA) Signature series is the 2nd most popular oximeter across all online selling spo2 tester in India

This Oximeter is comes with rotatable & multi directional display which is allows read the results in any of direction

It can measures SPO2 oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin level and pulse rate very fast and give accurate results

The product is water resistant not water proof. If the water depth of water is goes higher it makes product unusable

This Oximeter is comes with 6 month of warranty from the date of bill of purchase by registering the product on manufacturer’s website within 15 days.

3- BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

best spo2 tester in india

On the 3rd Number of best spo2 tester in india is BPL Smart oxy. This is a portable device for measurement of Blood qxigen levels pulse rate and Perfusion Index

It comes with A OLED color display with four directional feature. Its is very helpful with user indicate alarms.

This is a battery operated and portable device witch is very easy to use and carry . very compact with its user friendly design.

this can measures the Qxygen concentration in the deviation +/-2% and pulse rate with minimum deviation of +/-2 BPM

It Comes with two years of warranty from date of purchase

4- MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Dual Color OLED Display Blood Oxygen Monitor with Alarm Feature with Perfusion Index – PI Index and Respiratory Rate

best spo2 tester in india

Moditive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is the 4th device on our list of BEST SPO2 TESTER IN INDIA. This is an accurate and reliable for measurement of SpO2 in your body.

This oximeter Comes with one year warranty .

In this oximeter you can read and display up to 100% for SpO2 value.

Additional Features : Comes with auto power off and on Feature. Its also water resident, long battery life , visual alarm and different finger sizes.

5- Newnik Pulse Oximeter (Blue)

Newnik Oximeter can used for every person for measure oxygen level SpO2 & pulse Rate of body of every child or adult.

Newnik Oximeter comes with water resident screen and it can read all four sides as its screen can rotate all four directions. It comes with preset alarm system for your attention.

Newnik Oximeter is certified from FDA & CE. Its reliable & accurate.


There are some factors while choosing a best product for you. Here are some points you should consider when you going to purchase Oximeter for you

  1. The accuracy of result is the key feature of using oximeter. As it checks the oxygen & pulse level of our body, so it should always be the accurate result. To ensure the correction of result, one should buy oximeter from reputed brand or company.
  2. Size of oximeter also plays the key role in it. The correct device that fits in your finger can give you correct result. So, it should fits in your finger effectively. These days various oximeters comes with varying sizes so check the measurement of device before buying according to your requirement.
  3. Display size of device should be bigger as usual because the bigger the display size, more efficient to read the results.
  4. Battery life : Take a wide look on battery life of device when you go for buy. The devices comes with various types of battery options, so choose it wise as per your choice & that lasts longer to use.
  5. The device should be approved by FDA authorities of USA which follows all the necessary guidelines provided by them to use any medical device. If the device has approval mark on it, that means it can works great & has lower chance of risks.
  6. The device should give alerts when you use it during exercise at home or at your exercise place.
  7. The response time of oximeter should also be quick as there are various updated versions of devices comes which can calculate the readings only in about 10 seconds.
  8. oximeter should be portable that you can carry them easily with you in your pocket so that you can check your pulse rate in any situation. Also it should come with cover case to avoid it automatically gets on in your pocket or in bag.
  9. Durability is also the key feature of using oximeter. so it should be durable to prevent from any kind of risk or failure.
    The display should be waterproof & of good quality.
  10. There should be three warning system on the device to check irregular heartbeat, low Spo2 & low battery level.

These are few key features to check & measure oximeter of any brand to avoid any risk or failure.

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